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Bearing.Ceramic Bearing Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Bearing

A silicon nitride bearing has all the characteristics of zirconia, as well as light weight, wear resistance, and high strength.
It is almost resistant to thermal impact among ceramics and has excellent wear and chemical resistance, making it suitable for extreme environments.


Silicon Nitride Bearing Components
Inner/Outer ring Ball CAGE Working Temperature (°C) Corrosion Resistance Applications
Si3N4 Si3N4 PTFE 200 Excellent Semiconductor equipment

Display fixtures

Food equipment

Electroplating equipment

Chemical Equipment

Textile machinery

Medical equipment
Si3N4 Si3N4 PEEK 260 Excellent
Si3N4 Si3N4 PA66 / UPE / PP 90 Good
Si3N4 Si3N4 PET 110 Good
Si3N4 Si3N4 PI 300 Excellent
Si3N4 Si3N4 PVDF 180 Excellent
Si3N4 Si3N4 NO CAGE 1100 Excellent

Note : Cages can be made of different materials for different uses. Please contact us for more details.