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Bearing.Ceramic Bearing High-Temperature Bearing (Pull Type Bearing)

It is mainly used for the hot environment, where metal and plastic are not applicable.
A pull-type bearing only consists of ceramic without a cage structure.


High-Temperature Bearing Components
Inner/Outer ring Ball CAGE Working Temperature (°C) Corrosion Resistance Applications
ZrO2 ZrO2 / Si3N4 NO CAGE 300 ~ 400 Excellent Semiconductor equipment

LCD equipment

Chemical equipment

Aerospace equipment
Si3N4 Si3N4 NO CAGE 1100 Excellent
SiC SiC NO CAGE 1140 Excellent

Sliding Ceramic Bearing and Other Ceramic Works

A ceramic sliding bearing fully consists of ceramic materials, such as zirconia, silicon nitrate, and silicon carbide.
It can be used for manufacturing bearings, as well as bushing, pins, shafts, and knives, where metal is not suitable.