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Bearing.Plastic Bearing PTFE Plastic Bearing

Antichemical PTFE Bearing (Applicable to the hydrofluoric acid environment)
PTFE can work continuously at -40 °C –200 °C and has the best chemical resistance among engineering plastics.
It has resistance to all types of chemicals, low friction factor, good electric insulation, and is not sensitive to temperature.



It is stable at a high temperature and can work continuously at -40 °C –200 °C .

The surface friction factor is low (0.05–0.1) with good electric insulation.

It has a long service life, good wear resistance, and adhesion.

It has a low water absorption rate.

It is resistant to different types of acid, as well as alkali and other types of chemical liquid.


It is susceptible to deformation and has low strength.

It is hard to mold, inject, and press.

Its dimensional stability is not good.

PTFE Plastic Bearing Products
Inner/Outer ring Ball CAGE Working Temperature (°C)
PTFE PTFE / PP / GLASS / ZrO2 / Si3N4 / SiC PTFE / PEEK / PVDF / UPE -40 ~ 150