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Antichemical PP Bearing
PP has good strength, hardness, and chemical resistance.
This material has great transparency and food sanitation and is resistant to repetitive bending.
It breaks at a low temperature and has the lowest specific gravity among plastics, so it is light with a good electric performance.
Recommended working temperature is 5 °C –100 °C .



It can be used for making lightweight products because of its low density.

It has good mechanical strength and surface hardness.

It is nontoxic, making it suitable for food processing machines.

It is chemically stable.


It has higher strength but lower elongation than PE.

It becomes weak at low temperatures, so the applications are limited.

High-frequency welding is not applicable.

Its adhesion and coating are not good.

PP Plastic Bearing Products
Inner/Outer ring Ball CAGE Working Temperature (°C)
PP PP / GLASS / ZrO2 / Si3N4 / SUS304 / SUS316 PP / PA66 -40 ~ 200