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Ceramic Ball
Ceramic / Zirconia ball(ZrO2)
Chemical Composition
Sign Chemical Composition
Y2O3 Na2O SiO2 TiO2
ZrO2 0.95~1.2 0.95 1 0.04
Product Grade Unit:㎛
Grade Scope of name Shape precision and
Section precision and gauge
Metric Inch Diameter
LOT difference
Gauge interval
10 0.3-25 0.025-1 0.25 0.25 0.025 0.5 1
20 0.3-38 0.025-1½ 0.5 0.5 0.04 1 2

Excellent mechanical strength and toughness at room temperature. Thermal expansion rate is close to that of metal
therefore it is easy to connect.

Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation. Great self-lubrication therefore it is easy to use for bearing.

Production scope : 0.5mm~50.8mm
Applications : Ceramic bearing, combined bearing, tool for cold forming, dice, various guide rollers, valves, etc.