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Peek bearing
Peek bearing
Features of peek bearing

Peek is a plastic with the highest heat/chemical resistance for a dissolvable, moldable crystal resin.
It has excellent workability and mechanical strength therefore widely used in various industries.

Excellent chemical resistance against various acids and bases.
Suitable for high temperature environment. Continuous use is available at temperature as high as 250℃.
It maintains high mechanical strength in wide temperature range.
Environment for use
In the atmosphere, corrosion resistance environment, high temperature environment
Standard product composition
Category Inner/Outer Cage Ball Cover
Peek bearing PEEK PTFE ZrO2 Open
Ordered product composition sample
Category Item Inner/outer Retainer Ball Client initial
(for non-standard
PK 6000 P U C  

Ex) PK6000-PUC : Peek bearing, bearing item 6000, inner/outer PEEK, UHMW-PE for retainer and SiC for ball.