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Plastic bearing
Plastic bearing
Features of plastic bearing

Each feature of engineering plastics such as POM, PP, PE, PI, PTFE, etc. is applied to rolling equipment.
Usable in environment such as clean environment where corrosion resistance and light weight are required;
ocean facilities; and environment where metal is not suitable.

It supplements short comings of metal materials.
Using features of plastic, it can be used in various environments.
Suitable for clean environment.
Environment for use
Clean environment, corrosion resistance environment
Standard product composition
Category Inner/Outer Cage Ball Cover
Plastic bearing POM PA Glass Open
Ordered product composition sample
Category Item Inner/outer Retainer Ball Client initial
(for non-standard
EP 6000 M I G  
Ex) EP6000-MIG : Plastic bearing, bearing item 6000, inner/outer POM, PA66 for retainer and glass for ball.